Information for Sept. 14 School Re-opening

Garcia families,

The time to enter the next phase of instruction is near! We are planning to open our school doors on Monday, September 14 and safely transition our kids back gradually to in-person learning.

Garcia will follow Canutillo ISD’s reopening plan and will safely and gradually transition the entry of students by grade level. The dates for each grade level to attend in-person school for the first time during the week of September 14 are as follows:

  • Monday, September 14, pre-k and kindergarten
  • Tuesday, September 15, pre-k through 2nd grade
  • Wednesday, September 16, pre-k through 4th grade
  • Thursday, September 17, pre-k through 5th grade
  • Friday, September 18, all grade levels attend

After the phase-in week, students who chose in-person instruction will attend school every day beginning September 21.

If you'd like to change your child's instruction choice for the next grading period (space permitting no more than 12), new commitment forms will be available September 21. New students or Families who have not yet selected an option, will be defaulted to the remote option. This is to ensure safe, small numbers of students in the classroom.

Thanks to all our parents for taking the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and additional illness. We need to remain vigilant and keep each other safe. Continue to practice the 3 W’sWear a mask, Wash your hands, and Watch your distance – both at home and at school.

Parents must take their child’s temperature at home to ensure they are not running a fever and to screen children for illness before leaving your home. Keep children that are sick at home. Only send well children to school. Temperatures will be checked again at the drop off.

Pre-K Parents will be allowed to park and walk students to teacher if needed in the morning only; they must wear masks and practice physical distancing. 1st – 5th Grade Parents will not be allowed to get off their vehicles. ***All school business will be by APPOINTMENT ONLY***

Thank you for your continued patience and support of school district leaders as we endeavored to innovate and accommodate in the midst of a pervasive health crisis.

We will continue to communicate important information in preparation for opening our doors for in-person instruction through texts, callouts, and webpage. Thank you for remaining flexible as we continue to navigate through this pandemic.

Please watch the video below for detailed visual information on drop off and pick up. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 877-1200 and someone will happily see that your needs are met.