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Uniform Policy

2023 2024 School Uniform Policy


Students have a choice of a t-shirt or a polo shirt with the GES Ravens Logo, in the school colors of red, light gray or black. Tops/shirts may be tucked in or untucked.

NOT ALLOWED: Tank tops with spaghetti straps, see through or half shirts.


Slacks: choice of navy blue or khaki. Students may wear navy blue or black jeans, no holes or designs.

NOT ALLOWED: basketball shorts/pants, drawstrings, sweatpants, oversized, wide leg,
overalls, low rise, torn, painter/faded wash, jeggings, leggings as pants, designs.

Bermuda shorts:

Bermuda shorts can only be two inches above the knee. Students may wear navy blue,
khaki or navy blue or black jeans bermuda shorts.

NOT ALLOWED: basketball shorts/pants, spandex, oversized, basketball shorts, wide legs,
overalls, low rise, torn or painter/faded wash, designs.



Skirts can only be two inches above the knee. Students may wear navy blue, black, khaki or
navy blue or black jean skirts. No designs on skirts are allowed.

Jumper Dresses:

Girls can wear uniform jumper dresses in navy blue or khaki. They can only be two inches
above the knee. Must have the school logo.

Tights/shirts worn under uniform:

Girls can wear tights blue, black or white. No prints allowed. Tights can only be worn with
jumper dresses and skirts. Long sleeve shirts worn under uniform can only be navy blue, black
or white.


Students must wear athletic shoes. Tennis shoes are highly recommended.

NOT ALLOWED: flip flops, high heels, crocs or any other shoe that cannot be safely worn
around the school for P.E. Not recommended: Converse and Vans but students may wear

Cold Weather Apparel:

Students may purchase/wear any outer winter jacket (with zipper) of their choosing. Hoodies
and sweaters may only be in red or black. No logo is required.

NOT ALLOWED: sweaters/hoodies with symbols, graphics. Students are not allowed to cover their heads with the hoodie inside the building. Hats and baseball caps are not allowed inside the building.

Military Monday (Mondays only):

Wear military green shirts (Optional). Available by vendor

Wellness Wednesday:

Wear Wellness red, orange, or black shirt (Optional)

University Day (Fridays only):

Wear a university/college shirt (optional)



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